"I was surprised to see how Sometrics made tangible the questions we were already asking ourselves. Just seeing the results in black and white made it easier to start a dialogue. The Director General immediately understood that the best course of action would be to give the company directors more autonomy."

Estèle Geiger
Ex Director of Twannberg, one of 17 Groupe BOAS sites

A method for disruption developed on the ground

15 years
of R&D
40 organisations
4000 employes
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A method for disruption developed on the ground

Sometrics was created from an algorithm developed by René Rupert, a former executive in industry and consulting. Observing the gap between leaders’ willingness and desire for change and their ability to actually transform their businesses, he was inspired to provide a solution. He has researched Sometrics extensively with international companies from various sectors over the last 15 years. This on-the-ground experience of the business realities facing leaders helped him refine the parameters of the application so that it now guarantees precise, accurate results.

A powerful meeting of minds


A powerful meeting of minds

Three hours of dialogue created a firm connection between René Rupert and Imfusio. The engineer/researcher and our experts in collective intelligence already shared a common vision of disruption, inspired by the same beliefs:

  • The need to look at trust and autonomy as vectors for growth.
  • The rationale of a systemic approach to management instead of one based on competencies or individuals.
  • The importance of the impact of how people feel on the good health of an organisation
  • The desire to make visible and measurable the loss of potential due to inadequate management.

This ethical, pragmatic vision has been brought to life with Sometrics, an invaluable tool for every business.

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